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Our Common Bond

The following statements simply and succinctly express the nature of the fabric that binds us.

Our bond is an affiliation with the Allan Kardec Educational Society, a non-sectarian, non-profit organization open to people of all religious backgrounds or none. While all are welcome, the current roster is made up of persons who believe in God, Christian morality, and the power of prayer.

Our Common Bond

Our bond includes collaboration with individuals who have accepted with open minds and hearts the challenging task of helping the human community in its journey through Life in all its varied phases. These are people enthusiastic about leading by example, by educating self and others, and by providing assistance wherever possible.

Our bond involves association with persons who aim to live with high standards of integrity, rationality, compassion, charity, responsibility, and who are guided by the principles of the Spiritist Doctrine.

Our bond is the desire we have to associate with persons who demonstrate responsiveness to human suffering, intuitive reasoning, and inquisitive thinking.

Our bond is our will to work independently and with groups of people who feel compelled to devote their lives to spiritual evolvement and self-transformation.

Our bond is the choice we make to identify with people who have undertaken the task of disseminating the Spiritist Doctrine as stated in the organization's objectives.

Our bond is the personal satisfaction we find in being part of a dynamic and cohesive group working in a democratic fashion and exemplifying fraternity and noble ideals in action.