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Title: The Gospel - Explained by the Spiritist Doctrine
Author: Allan Kardec
Publisher: AKES
Summary: The moral teachings of the Holy Bible - New Testament interpreted and explained by illuminated intelligences. It represents the moral centerpiece of the Spiritist thought.

Title: The Spirits' Book
Author: Allan Kardec
Publisher: AKES
Summary: The book that defines the Spiritist philosophy and establishes a framework for the possibility of soul survival, and reincarnation. Superb modern English translation, annotated and explained with scientific references.

Title: The Gospel at Home - Study Guide
Author: P & R Team
Publisher: AKES
Summary: It addresses the sternest challenge the human spirit faces on earth, the need to heal relationships. A practice that furthers the inner transformation of the soul.

Title: Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy
Author: Allan Kardec
Publisher: AKES
Summary: A primer on the Spiritist thought. It includes two of Allan Kardec's classic works: What is Spiritist and Spiritism in its Simplest Expression.

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