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2nd US Spiritist Medical Congress Bridging Medicine and Spirituality
October 3-5, 2008, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
The relationship between Spirituality and Medicine is becoming a central issue for the public and the medical profession. Biases and prejudices are losing some of their grip on the attitude of the experts, and creating a more promising environment for medical research and improved patient care. This is evidenced by the increase in media coverage, the surge in public opinion polls, and the greater availability of research funds. This Congress will be a forum to explore the perspectives of practitioners whose practice and research integrate the human spirit in the process of healing. For more information and/ or to register, click here.

Medicine and Spiritual Healing
Saturday, October 18, 1:00-5:00 p.m.
Seminar by Dr. Bernie Siegel and Divaldo Franco, Norwalk Concert Hall. For more information click here.