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ETERNAL BONDS OF LOVE by Claudio & Ricardo Petrillo

"You're a man of such medical reputation. Have you thought about what hearing voices can do to your reputation?"

This question posed to Dr. Claudio Petrillo over one year ago may well be the frame of an incredible tale streaming from the vigil for Ricardo in late September, 2005. Ricardo's short life at the Quinnipiac University campus ended in tragic accident. The place that had nurtured his literary creativity and introduced him to the love of friends and friendship had suddenly become somber, and the loud voices of youth had turned into low whispers and bitter sobs.

ETERNAL BONDS OF LOVE by Claudio & Ricardo Petrillo

A phone call in the middle of the night had pushed the Petrillos into a long and fast slope heading into an abyss. The days and nights filled with endless staring through the windows were too real. Ricardo's now empty bed and autographed basketball waited still for his return.

"No, I have not thought about it, and as a matter of fact it matters little now. My 30 years of medical practice are what defines me as doctor. However, my son is my truth, and this book is the finest work of his life. People need to know him. The book is his attainment of a project, so to say, greater than life."

Eternal Bonds of Love is the diary that Ricardo has written about his journey in the higher realms of the spirit. The soulfulness of the young university student has not faded. The pointed inquisitiveness continues to be part of his character. He speaks of his findings through stories, and vivid narrations about his new activities and what he enjoys in the new friendships. He bares his emotions in vivid and gentle prose, but he offers his most cheerful inspirations in the form of poems.

Dr. Petrillo has been the willing intuitive through whom Ricardo has resumed what earlier was a hobby, and now is, according to his own words, a 'passion for communication.' Dr. Petrillo writes at astonishing speed, without pausing, or needing to correct the paper. He does not hear voices so to speak with the ears, but hears instead the stream of ideas that traverse his awareness while in a prayerful trance.

The book is an invitation that Ricardo makes for us to visit his world and experience a glimpse of the greater reality that is in the destiny of every person. Ricardo, says "One of the reasons for us to be writing this book is to describe how life goes on at this level of vibration. There may be a tendency to believe that when I describe this community where I live, the people that I related to every day will be similar all over. Well, it is obviously not!... Anyhow, my life here, things, people, is not that much different than before regarding what I see, hear, smell, and feel. Life itself gains a totally different purpose and that purpose keeps on getting clearer and clearer with the passage of time. (p.115)

Many people will accept Ricardo's invitation and many will cover their ears unwilling to hear about the afterlife. The fact remain however that this is a book that speaks with sincere conviction about love, goodness, and brotherhood. It promotes understanding, dispels fears, and lightens the pain of dying. More importantly, the spiritual author conveys his message with gentle gratitude, and in so doing gains the trust of the interested reader.

At the same time that we welcome an inspirational writer into our circles, we highly recommend Eternal Bonds of Love. This book is not a manual for the human journey, but a reflection board that points people to their spiritual side and offers courage and comfort as currency for the struggles of life.

To purchase this book please visit http://www.amazon.ca/Eternal-Bonds-Love-Silvia-Knoploch/dp/1419693050