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Bernie Siegel and Divaldo Franco, two of the greatest healthy living teachers will share the stage for the first time to explore the frontiers of spiritual living and healing. The seminar, sponsored by the Norwalk Hospital, will be held at the Norwalk Concert Hall, on Saturday, October 18, at 1:00 pm. For more information click here.

Divaldo Franco, a brilliant and accomplished spiritual educator, is a unique speaker and educator whose presentations command stadium-size audiences in Brazil and around the world. He is a gifted orator, who speaks with equal flair on medical science, quantum physics, or child psychology. Mr. Franco has earned a reverential status through his charitable services at the head of one of the largest child welfare institutions in Brazil (see main article). However, what distinguishes Mr. Franco is his ability to deliver incredible lectures under the guidance of beings of exalted status in the heavenly realm. This same gift offered him the circumstances to produce over 400 books, works of great literary and instructional value for audiences interested in the ageless wisdom of the Spirit.

Dr. Siegel, a brilliant oncology surgeon, after practicing for xx years, realized that self-love and determination were almost as important as surgery in cancer treatment. Observing how inner attitudes and motivation influenced the condition of his patients, and brought about incredible stories of transformation and healing, Dr. Siegel launch himself on a crusade to humanize medical practice. The individual in its entirety-body, mind, spirit-needed to be treated. And, happiness became, in Dr. Siegel's view, an important objective of healing.

From the realms of advanced physics to the laboratories of medical science, new proposals are transforming our understanding of the universe and the purpose of life. The dialogue between Dr. Siegel and Mr. Franco will be an exploration of these new frontiers. Mr. Franco, a spiritually gifted individual, has an uncanny ability to expound about spirituality and consciousness. Besides, conditions permitting, he is able to produce astonishing evidences of spiritual reality. On the other hand, Dr. Siegel, an enthusiastic personality and experienced lecturer, will establish the context that defines the mental and emotional experience of cancer. Together, Mr. Franco and Dr. Siegel, will be able to explore those questions that most trouble humans beings: Why do we have to experience cancer? Is cancer a consequence of our own actions, or just a random event of nature? Is cancer part of one's genetic programming? If the mind truly has power over matter, what can we do to prevent cancer and other catastrophic diseases?

If you are able to attend it, be aware that you will be before two individuals that represent the perennial wisdom. They both exude the deep serenity that comes from understanding the wheel of life, and from living at peace in the universe. They have reached the island of enlightenment by different routes, one exploring the inside of the human body, the other by remaking the lives of children. Foremost, they have both made a difference in the world.